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Nomadic4U-16 NAS
Nomadic4U RAID Storage with Optron, Xeon or PowerPC CPU Option

Available Options include:
Dual PowerPC® G5 Processors
2-4 PCI-x / 16xPCI-e slot
Drive capacities of 250–750GB SATAII, 10K -15K RPM Drive
4GB Dual Fibre Channel option
Ultra SCSI 320 host interface
Software and hardware management

Hardware RAID 0, 1,3,5,6 and 0+1
16 hot-swap drive bays
Dual Graphic cards optional
2-4 450-800W Power supply
• 4-16GB memory 8 Sockets
Quad Gigabit or 10Gigabit option
Expandable to 16 bay in 4U rack

Up to :
In a 4U rack system



GVS has once again broken the speed barrier without compromising cost while giving you the lowest profile AMD, PowerPCor Intel base NAS/SAN interface up to 16 drive bay in a 3U RACK space. With processor speed of 2-3GHz in only 7.00” the Nomadic4U-16 with PowerPC is the only product of its kind available in the market today.

The Nomadic4U PowerPC comes with your choice of 2GHz or 2.5GHz G5 processors running at speeds of up to 3.3 gigaflops, 2MB of dedicated L3 cache memory per processor
with up to 16GB/s throughput, with optional PCI-X or AGP 8X slots for high-end graphics application, up to 16GB of RAM. Plus up to 16 drive bays holding up to 8TB of disk space using hot-plug Nomadic U320, 4GB Fibre or SATA Drive Modules, Quad Gigabit Ethane, 10 Gigabit , Dual or Quad 2-4GBFibre and the complete suite of robust, standards-based network services in Linux, Windows, and OSX operating systems.

In the case of the NAS/SAN with Dual PowerPC, Opteron, or Xeon processor models however, we’vet taken efficient data access one step further with direct data accesses over 3.2Gb/s with dual hot-swap redundant power supply delivering not only the speed for your application but also with Nomadic2890 RAID controller your rest issue the data is secure and can been share on high moltiple gigabit or Fibre network with GVSAN solutions data can be shard at speed of 3.2Gb/s

Part Number
Model Number
Memory GB
No Processors
Host Interface
Internal Storage
Power Supply
GM4U-162P4502DB01 Nomadic4U4U-15PPC n/a n/a n/a n/a SATA 1.2GB-8TB SATA
GM4U-162086715180 Nomadic4U4U-15R IBM PowerPC 2-8 1-2 2-6GBit Fibre/U320 36GB-2.2TB U320
GM4U-162100015180 Nomadic4U4U-15N1 AMD Opteron 4-16 2-8 2-8Gbit 2GB Fibre 80GB-6.4TB SATA
GM4U-162125020212 Nomadic4U4U-15N1 Intel Xeon 4-16 2-4 2-8Gbit 4GB Fibre 120GB-6.4TB SATA
GM4U-162P4502DB01 Nomadic4U/BLAD Intel/AMD Blad 8-256 4-32 4-64Gbit U320 300GB-2.2TB U320


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