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GV24G Dual, Quad and 10Gigabit Interface Card w/ Connector Options

OS supported, tested and configured for Windows, Salaries, Linux, and OS X systems

The GVS Dual, Quad and 10Gigabit Ethernet adapter (GV24G) is PCI-e 8x network interface card containing 2, 4 and 10 independent 10/100/1000 Gigabit ports on one PCI-e adapter. The GVS 10Gigabit adapter (GV24G) is based on industries high power standard.

GVS Gigabit adapters are the perfect solution with GVS9000 and Metropolis Video Server product to deliver the for a cost effective, instant performance boost over your existing Category 5e UTP copper cabling for getting high-powered networking. The cards are the ideal solution for implementing mission-critical high-powered video networking applications and multiple network segments environments within high performance Metropolis and MCR Video server
The GVS Gigabit adapters ease network congestion, simplify network management, and provide the highest server throughput available while minimizing CPU utilization. Its independent 10Gigabit Ethernet ports provide users of data-intensive applications with the highest levels of system performance together with extra redundancy.

With a host PCI-e connection, the adapters are faster. With a true 64-bit interface, the adapters widen the network pipeline and allows higher throughput. Together, the 64-bit interface and PCI-e bus speed significantly reduce system overhead.
The GVS Advanced Features Software

GVS's high-end server NIC adapters are supported by the advanced features of its innovative software suite. The suite includes increased fault tolerance, bi-directional load balancing, port aggregation, Jumbo Frame support, VLAN and server management Software for increased bandwidth, salability, reliability and network availability.

Since 1988, GVS have been providing high-performance networking and connectivity solutions to customers worldwide.

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