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NAS and Server Operating System Options

GVS offers AMD, Intel, PowerPC, and Sparc platforms custom configured with the best operating system for your hardware and application needs.

The following are samples of the operating systems that are available to you preinstalled NAS Server . You can select more than one OS within a related processor family.

GVS9000 NAS OS Configuration

 1. Red Hat Linux
 2. Fedora Core
 3. Windows NT (Server and Workstation)
 4. Windows 2000/xp/64-bit (Professional and Server)
 5. Solaris for x86
 6. Yellow Dog
 7. Mac OS X
 8. A/UX
10. Darwin
11. Debian/m68k Linux
12. Debian/PowerPC Linux
13. Fedora FC4
14. Gentoo Linux
15. Linux/m68k
16. Linux/PPC MachTen
17. Mac OS X Server
18. Mandrakelinux
19. mkLinux DR3
20. NetBSD OpenBSD
21. OpenDarwin
22. ROCK Linux
23. Solaris

24. Ubuntu Linux

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