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gvs9000 vtr storage workstations asset management

GVS9000 1U VTR connectivity
GVS9000 1U VTR:
GVS90001U-VTR optional connectivity with cable assembly:
• SDI input (BNC)
• Reference Input (BNC)
• Component/Composite/S Video Output (3x BNC)
• AES In (1x XLR)
• Balanced Audio In (2x XLR))
• RS232 For Remote Management
• 2x10/100/1000B•T RJ45 Interface
• 2-4GB Fiber Channel Interface (Optional)
2 SDI outputs (2x BNC, independent outputs)
• Component/Composite/S Video Input (3x BNC)
• AES Out (1x XLR)
• Balanced Audio Out (2x XLR)
• 4xSATA Interface one for future Expansion
• 2xFireWire 800
• 2xUSB Interface • DVI, VGA, S-Video out
• Dual HD/SDI 4:4:4 Expansion (Optional)
GVS9000 VTR machine control, connect a 9-pin RS-422 cable directly to the 9-pin connector on the back of the machine, optional brackout box provide all the connectivity on brackout box, optional fiber optic connection available.

GVS9000 VTR Machine Control User Interface for 4xCapture Station with HD Video/Audio and Time-Code Sink

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