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GVS 9000 2U and 4U Power PC vs. Apple Xserve and G4  

Configuration Summary

• Dual 1GHz PowerPC G4


• Dual Ultra ATA - 7200rpm Drive

• CD-ROM drive

• ATI Radeon 8500 w/64MB DDR

Above Configuration Cost Per CPU $3,626.00 $5,499.00 $3,398.00 $3,645.00
Total Cost Based On 12 CPU/24 Processor $39,950.00 $66,000.00 $37,450.00 $43,740.00
Cost 1-GHz PowerPC Velocity Engine vector processing unit $1,664.00 $2,750.00 $1,560.00 $1,822.00
Total U Backspace for 12 CPU/24 Processor (U=1.75") 24U 12U 48U 72U


Jun/July Today Today
Processor Speed 1GHz 1GHz 1GHz 1GHz
Number of Processor Support 2 2 2 2
On-chip L2 cache running at processor speed 256K 256K 256K 256K
L3 cache per processor with up to 4GB/s throughput 2MB 2MB 2MB 2MB
Super Drive Suport Yes No Yes Yes
CD/RW Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cinema Display w/ USB Yes Yes Yes Yes
Airporter Yes No Yes Yes
Number of Gigabit Port 1-5


1-5 1
Several Port DB9 Yes Yes Yes No
Headless Boot Yes Yes Yes No
Mac OS 9.x Support Yes No Yes Yes
Number of Processor in 12 U Rack Space, In a 19" Rack Mount Unit 12 24 6 4
Front Locking System Yes No Yes No
SSS Pre Installed and Configured Yes No Yes No
Complete Metal Surface for increased conductivity (better disbursement of heat ) Yes No Yes No
Total number of Internal Zip Drive 1 0 1 1
Total number of Internal CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-R Unit 1 1/LP CD Up to 4 1
Total number of Internal Ultra ATA Drive Support 5 4 9 3
Total number of Internal SCSI Drive Support 5 0 8 4
Total number of Internal 2GB FIBRE Drive Support 3 0 6 0
Total number of Internal Hot-Swap Drive Bay Support 2 4 15 0
Processors Heat Sink temperature 105 F ? 103 F 112 F
Power Supply temperature 74 F ? 73F 81 F
External PCI Slot 1or 2 2 4 4
Full Size AGP 4x Graphic Slot Support Yes No (Half size) Yes Yes

Remote monitoring and management tools
Optional Yes Optional No
Prevention for accidental restore or reset during production Yes No Yes No
Additional Cooling for better and longer life of your system Yes ? Yes No
Maximum internal Storage Capacity 800GB 480GB 1,280GB 219GB
Onboard disk controller UltraATA UltraATA UltraATA UltraATA
Hot-plug drives Yes Yes Yes No
Cost of additional UltraATA/7200 RPM drives $199.00(80GB) $350.00(60GB) $199.00(80GB) $250(80GB)
Cost per GB $2.5 $6.00 $2.50 $3.1
Maximum theoretical thoughput 270MB/sec 266MB/sec 280MB/sec 260MB/sec
VGA graphics port Yes Yes Yes Yes
DB-9 serial port Yes Yes Yes No
FireWire ports Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB ports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Software RAID Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hardware RAID Yes No Yes No
Apple OS X Server Advantages
File and Print services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internet and Web Services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Apache Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
WebDAV Yes Yes Yes Yes
Secure Sockets Layer support Yes Yes Yes Yes
QuickTime Streaming Server Yes Yes Yes Yes
WebObjects 5 deployment Software Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mail services Yes Yes Yes Yes
IP filtering firewall Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server (DHCP) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Domain Name Server (DNS) support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Service Location Protocol (SLP) Directory Agent Yes Yes Yes Yes
Macintosh Manger 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
NetBoot Enables Multiple Yes Yes Yes Yes
NetInfo and LDAP support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote administration of Network services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hardware monitoring using Server Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Status Summary Yes Yes Yes Yes
Show Log Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit Notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional service and support Yes Yes Yes Yes
7/24 Support Yes Yes Yes No
Optional Linux OS Pre Install and Configured Yes No Yes No

GVS 9000 2U/4U PowerMAC G4 System is designed for:

  • Individuals and/or companies that require a large number of rack mounted computer systems.
  • Limited desk space.
  • Internal CD/RW or Dual DVD-ROM and Super Drive option
  • Quiet work environment.
  • Secure production area in a single rack mount system.
  • Centralized rack system for all production workstations, RAID storage, Backup, Networking, RMU and UPS.
  • GVS 9000 4U can be designed for centralized collaboration where users have only the keyboard, mouse and peripheral devices such as Zip or CD/RW attached via USB Port to the key board, and all the other hardware is in a secure or centralized production area


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