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GVS9000 2U PowerPC G5 vs. Apple Xserver G5

Configuration Summary

• Dual PowerPC G5
• 1200GB (3x400GB Serial ATA)
• Dual 120GB SATA - 7200rpm Drive
• DVD-RAM/DV-R drive
• Dual PCI-X expansion slots
• Suport up to 4 Drive Modular 2.0TB
• PCI-X and hardware RAID expansion option
• ATI Graphic PCI Graphics card
• Mac OS X Server Unlimited License
• Cluster Node Configuration

Rack Space Require
*Xserve 29" deep
Total Space Require For Installation
*Xserve 56 "and More
Dual Processor Speed Dual 2.3GHz Dual 2.3GHz
Above Configuration Cost Per CPU $6,994.00 $7,348.00
Total Cost Based On 12 CPU/24 Processor $83,928.00 $88,176.00
Cost GHz PowerPC Velocity Engine vector processing unit $3,497.50 $3,674.00
Cost of additional SATA/7200 RPM drives $225.00(250GB) $300.00(250GB)
Cost of additional SATA/7200 RPM drives $345.00(400GB)
Cost per 250GB/400GB $0.90/$0.860 $1.20/$1.13
Total U Backspace for 12 CPU/24 Processor (U=1.75") 24U 12U
Power Supply size


max 445W
Highest Processor Speed 2.5GHz 2.3GHz
Number of Processor Support 2 2
On-chip L2 cache running at processor speed 512K 512K
Deep space require 19 inches (48.2 cm) 28 inches (71.1 cm)
Dual Redundant Power Supply supported Yes No
Of the shelf drive support Yes No
Max SATA drive size available 750GB 400GB
Max internal SATA Storage capacity 3.0TB 1.2TB
Max internal U320 Storage capacity 1200GB 0
Future Processor and mother board support Yes No
Bluetooth technology Yes No
PCI-X Slot 2 2
PCI expansion available Yes No
Hot-Swap drive bay option Yes Yes
SCSI320/160 Hot-swap drive bay Yes No
2Gb Fibre Channel Hot-swap drive bay Yes No
SATA Hot-swap drive bay Yes Yes
SAS Drive Support 15,000RPM drive Yes No
Externail SATA interface w/2xPCI-X port Yes No
Removable Air filter System Yes No
Temperature Alarm system Yes No
Super Drive Support Yes No
Dual CD/DVD-R option Yes No
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro w/ S-Video Out Yes No
CD/RW Yes Yes
Airporter Yes No
Number of Gigabit Port 2-10


Serial Port DB9 Yes Yes
Headless Boot Yes Yes
Mac OS 9.x boothable No No
Number of Processor in 12 U Rack Space, In a 19" Rack Mount Unit 12 24
Front Locking System Yes Yes
High speed 10,000RPM SATA drive Suport Yes No
Complete Metal Surface for increased conductivity (better disbursement of heat ) Yes No
Complete case can be recycle Yes No
Front Firewire 800 and USB connector option Yes No
Total number of internal CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-R Unit Up 2 1/LP CD
Total number of internal SATA Drive Support 4 3
Total number of internal SCSI Drive Support 4 0
Total number of internal 2GB FIBRE Drive Support 4 0
Total number of internalHot-Swap Drive Bay Support 4 3
External PCI-X Slot 2-4 2
Can you remove top cover with in 20" space Yes No (Half size)
Remote monitoring and management tools Yes Yes
Prevention for accidental restore or reset during production Yes Yes
Additional Cooling support Yes No
Onboard disk controller SATA SATA
Hot-plug drives option Yes Yes
DB-9 serial port Yes Yes
Hardware RAID independent of PCI slot Yes No
7/24 Support Yes Yes
Optional Linux OS Pre Install and Configured Yes No
2nd Power Supply for Drive Yes No
Quick mount with front rack ears Yes No
Total score base on options offred for each product
(The higher is better)
35 Yes
11 Yes

*Require over 40" rack space to remove the top cover to access inside of the unit.

GVS 90002U G5 System is designed for:
  • Individuals and/or companies that require a large number of rack mounted computer systems.
  • Limited desk space.
  • internal CD/RW or Dual DVD-ROM and Super Drive option
  • Quiet work environment.
  • Secure production area in a single rack mount system.
  • Centralized rack system for all production workstations, RAID storage, Backup, Networking, RMU and UPS.
  • GVS 9000 4U can be designed for centralized collaboration where users have only the keyboard, mouse and peripheral devices such as Zip or CD/RW attached via USB Port to the keyboard, and all the other hardware is in a secure or centralized production area
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice
  • GVS is not responsible for typographic errors

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