Grande Vitesse Systems GVS9000 1XU Pro VTR/DDR Uncompressed to DV

GVS9000 64xCPU™ Accelerate your most complex HPC workloads in data an​alytics or seismic processing on the world's fastest GPU accelerator


• Up to 72-Core Xeon Processors
• 11x PCI-E 3.0 slots (4 x16, 7 x8) Slot
• 24x internal up to 8TB SATA/SAS w/16GB Fibre Channel Removable Drive Bay.
• Dual16GB Fibre Channel option
• Dual 10 Gb Network option
• System software Windows or Linux
• RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6 and 0+1
• 24 removable drive bay
• 1-12 GPU (opt)
• The World's First GPU Accelerator with 1TB/s Memory Bandwidth
• Dual Hot-swap Power supply
• Three years Rxt. warranty

18-core 4x Processors 72XCPUs with 10TB-200TB internal drive bay all in a 4U RACK or Tower available today.

GVS9000 64X CPU
w/200TB Local Storage


Available options include:
• Simultaneous 6GPU, Render, Edit and Review
• Sequenced and Time Delay Playback
• Advanced Render Scheduling
• Integrated Video Media Browser
• 12-bit 4K Rec/Playback 1billion color
• 16-channel Digital SDI Video AES audio

• Supports 4K RGB
• Remote Network Control and mangment
• Optical Fibre Channel or 16GB or 8GB Gb/s Connectivity to Storage media
• Supports Real-time Compressing and Streaming with optional compressed codec to select format.
• Captures and plays back uncompressed 8-bit, 10-bit, and 12-bit digital video out

• High definition (SMPTE292M), (SMPTE296M)
high definition (SMPTE 372M) (SMPTE 424M)
• 48kHz and 96KHz digital audio in standard definition (SMPTE 259M)
• Convert between 4K, 2K, 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 formats for single link HD-SDI output

GVS9000 64X CPU Highest Quality Digital Workflow

The GVS9000 64X CPUs, GVS taken efficient data access one step further, to exceed data access over 16Gbit/sec ideal for most application such as Aerospace, Animate, Audio/Video 4K & HD editing, Biotechnology, Communications, Defense, Education, Manufacturing, Medical Imaging, Mobile equipment, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, 2D/3D Stereoscopic, TV Station, and Visualization, every thing you need in 19" rack mount or tower unit with less than 4U space.

The convolution integral mathematics is a function derived from two given functions by integration that expresses how the shape of one is modified by the other. GVS9000 64X CPU System is the ideal product for large mathematical deconvolution applications with its ability to expand on its core, and extraordinary high speed graphics that provide the visualization in 2D/3D into the realistic world. In a deconvolution analysis the improvement of resolution of images or other data by a mathematical algorithm is designed to separate the information from artifacts that result from the method of collecting it. This process also utilizes a large number of mathematical calculations.

In a color-grading setup, GVS9000 64X CPU provides an excellent, uncompressed, Dual Link HD recorder/player which is compatible with devices such as Pandora Pogle, allowing multiple uncompressed passes through the grader. It has been tested as a RS422 controlled player with DaVinci, Smoke, Lustre and Pogle system.

For online storage, the GVS9000 64X CPU is designed to work with the latest Nomadic and other Shared storage product technologies. Connect via fibre channel or 10Gbit to the Nomadic 12xPro, Nomadic 4U or GVS9000 VTR certified storage media. A complete solution from ingest, storage, edit to film in a single format with a wide range of post-production workflow options.

Tape transfers using real-time technology with rendering video effects to disk. - The GVS9000 64X CPU saves HOURS of transfer time per hour of material, allowing audio/video post to immediately start working against new cut, while video is being captured and rendered.

GVS9000 64X CPU's 2.5GHz model, GVS has taken efficient data access one step further with RAM support for 256GB up to 6TB, internal storage of up to 10TB-200TB with optional 15,000 RPM and SSD with hot-swap drives at a speed of 128Gbit/sec. This solution is ideal for High Performance Computing (HPC) in scientific and technical environments, as well as for large screen walls. Each GVS9000 64X CPU's capable of controlling 42x LCD displays 1920x1200.
This provides a high brightness, cost effective system with feature rich tools for other applications such as 3D Design, Film Coloration, Animation and Visualization.

The 18-core processor’s super scalar, hyper traded architecture supports up to 4 processors in one GVS9000 64X CPU with a high-bandwidth execution core offering over discrete function, including 12 floating-point units and Sixteen-core integer units, to process immense instructions in parallel — and of course, with 64-bit precision on 64-bit wide data paths 16 Way HyperTransport™. Optional server node with GVS CPU Render Software Render Tool.

- GVS9000 64X CPU Capture Option your able perform very long captures without stopping, during which you can review, log or edit the incoming media.

Part Number Model Number Processer Speed Memory Storage Interface Drive Bay * Total Storage Graphics
GV64K4X502DB02 GVS9000 64X CPU 4 2.5GHz 256GB 12 24-ch 10TB Opt
GV64K4X522DB04 GVS9000 64X CPU 4 4 2.8GHz 512GB 16 24-ch 50TB 6000
GV64K4X524DB06 GVS9000 64X CPU 6 4 3.0GHz 6TB 24 24-ch 200TB 9000

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