Grande Vitesse Systems

A. Partner, Reseller and Integrate Program

GVS is partnering with an elite group of professional service providers to provide market-leading high-availability GVS9000 VTR's , Nomadic Storage, Metropolis Media Server, Nomadic Archive, GV Software.
Each GVS Partner provided the tools and support of enterprise-level solutions, and provides partners with the best hardware and software solution to meet their customer needs.

Why Partner with GVS

GVS provides Partners with the products, tools, programs and support they need to sale a world-class product. These include:


Market Leading Products and Support

  • GVS is the leading provider in disk base tape less HD and SD SDI Recorder and high availability enterprise storage and management software.

Industry Leading Training Programs

  • GVS provides the right tools and classes to get Partners' Engineers and Sales staff people prepared to sell, implement and supports.

World-class Engineering and Sales Support

  • GVS Engineers and Sales people act as an extension of Partners' teams and are available to assist Partners in selling, installing and supporting GVS9000 VTR;s, Media Server, Nomadic SAN/NAS, Nomadic Archive and Software line.
  • GVS's world-class Integration Lab is available for GVS Partners and their customers to test customized configurations without impacting production environments, in hart of San Francisco 15000sq/ft space and Burbank CA.

Channel Support and Programs to help you grow your business

  • GVS's Channel Team has put together the marketing programs and support that our Partners need to grow and develop their VTR/DDR, Video Server, SAN Storage, Media Archive, and Automation.

Join the GVS Team today and position yourself as a leader in the exploding SAN, VTR's, Media Archive and Video Server market!

Benefits of GVS's Partner Program

  • A combination of training, technical, sales and marketing resources tailored to complement diverse business needs of our partners
  • Access to complete Fibre Channel SAN, NAS benchmark testing for broadcast, post production, and motion picture.
  • Assurance that solutions were tested for interpretability in GVS's System Integration Lab
  • Professional services methodologies
  • Educational services and train-the-trainer classes
  • Cooperative marketing activities and joint sales initiatives
  • Use of GVS's Executive Briefing Center.
  • GVS's customer service and technical support.
  • GVS custom engineering, custom product design and manufacturing with ISO2002 standards.