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Metropolis Server Storage GVSAN Technical Inf. GVS9000 VTR

GVSAN and GVSan Pro Real-time Fibre Channel SAN (FCS) Volume and File Sharing Solution for Windows and OS X for Video/Audio Production

GVSan is designed to allow for SAN (Storage Area Network) access from a Windows desktop. GVSAN will enable you to:
a. Protect the data on the central storage from corruption, which would inevitably result, if the storage is accessed only via Windows and OSX.
b. Ensure every user has up-to-date information about the files on the central storage.
c. Fully exploit the power of the NTFS file system.
d. Easy to install, deploy and manage.
f. Provide high accessibility to the central storage even if some components of the SAN fail.

How GVSan works (see technical over view):

1. GVSan protects only explicitly selected Volume/Files – these Volume/Files become managed Volume/Files managed by each system or GVSan Pro SAN/NAS management system. While all machines on the network can read a managed Volume/Files, all machines can read/write to a managed Volume/File at any time. This management is down with two different systems, one is the local machine and the other by managing the server in GVSan Pro, based on your workflow you can select to have the management down locally or a dedicated GVSan Pro Management System machine is called the “ SMS”. All other workstations on the network are able to read/write to a specific volume or any given volume/folder and directory. Each File on the central storage may have different “ Owners”. Only the “ Owners” may write to their specific Files, On the network, all machines installed with GVSan Pro are “ Readers as well write over the network you are no longer venerable to a single point of failure but have all the flexibility and speed to access centralized data.

2. GVSan Pro tracks all changes made to the managed Volume/Files. Changes can occur only through the “ Owner” machines. Whenever a change is detected, all machines on the SAN are notified. GVSan Pro must be installed on all machines on the SAN in order for it to obtain the latest information about the Volume/File.

3. GVSan and GVSan Pro works NTFS formatted Volumes/Files. It does not add or disable any features of the NTFS. The existing security structure of a Volume/File is retained or can be applied in exactly the same way as on a standalone machine.

4. With GVSan, the managed Volume/Files appear as ordinary local disks to the user and to any software application running on the “Owner” or “Reader” machines.

5. GVSan doesn't rely on a server in the traditional way, eliminating a single point of failure in your SAN. GVSan increases data availability and facilitates the management of the Volume/Files, in GVSan only environment frequent of updates may require the rest of the host mac.

Volume/Files are marked as managed on the SAN level, not on the machine level. For each managed Volume/File there can be only one “Owner”. An “Owner” is the computer, which writes and reads information from the Volume/File. For each managed Volume/File there can be an unlimited number of “Readers”. A “Reader” is a computer that reads information from the Volume/File but cannot write to it. However, the “Owner” of a Volume/File can dynamically change during the normal operation of a SAN, thus allowing multiple machines to write to the same Volume/File at different moments of time with GVSan Pro.

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