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Metropolis Server Storage FlyPack VTR

Metropolis 3400

GVS SAN/NAS mid sized server for high-end (video) for Aerospace, Animate, Audio/Video 4K & HD editing, Biotechnology, Broadcaster, Communications, Defense, Education, Manufacturing, Medical Imaging, Mobile equipment, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, 2D/3D Stereoscopic, TV Station, Visualization,and workgroups can take advantage of the Metropolis 3400’s advanced capabilities and scalability (room to grow into cluster environments) at an affordable price. Designed to optimally support 20 concurrent users, the Metropolis 3400 utilizes GVS’ latest gigabit and fiber switching technologies w/MCR to attain network data throughput ranging from 10Mbit/sec to 700Mbit/sec (specific configuration). Hot/Swap boot drive and power supply redundancy features come standard with the Metropolis 3400.

The Metropolis 3400 is ideal for, video, images and audio sharing from OS X, Linux, and Windows stations, for application that requires high-speed data access and large storage requirement that would reach to 100's of Terabit a day, with multiple user access for different application of video and imaging, A variety of applications can be configured and run concurrently. The Metropolis 3400 can be equipped with up to 2.2PB’s of on-line Nomadic VI 8GB Fiber Hardware storage as well as a Nomadic 4U and Nomadic 1U as well as series tape (100TB-10 PB) LTO-5 Archival and Nomadic 4U base disk drive solution.

The Metropolis 3400 Advantage: GVS’ mid to high-end servers offer unique advantages to workgroups by accelerating their workflow, vastly increasing their productivity, greatly reducing their down-time, and enabling easier collaboration. GVS’ Metropolis solutions have all the benefits/availability of the SAN and NAS topologies while introducing and integrating new technologies which allow lower cost, more flexible upgrades and client additions. Best of all, the Metropolis solution can integrate with your legacy systems; so you can continue to utilize your current investments.

CPU 2-4 3.0GHz, 64-bit
Cache 8MB
Memory 16GB DRAM
Internal Storage 2x73GB, 15,000rpm SCSI
Internal Disk DVD-RAM
Network 2 x 1GB-T Ethernet, 4 x 10Gigabit, 4 x 8GB Fiber Interface
OS Unix
Featured Applications File Sharing SAN/SAN, NFS, (DAM, Re:View Manager, Tracker DDM, Video Server for HD 4:4:4 SDI Uncompressed Server for Avid and FCP
Client Support This configuration optimally supports 20-60 (10GB network) clients


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