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Metropolis Server Storage Workstations VTR

Metropolis 3500 powerful server for mid sized entertainment (video/multi-media), publishing, and web workgroups, the Metropolis 3500 can handle up to 100 network clients and sustain network (data) transfer rates of 100Mbit/sec to 2.4Gbit/sec (specific configuration) with GVS’s advanced MCR100/1000Base-T Ethernet, 1000BaseoT Gigabit, and Fiber network routing.

Applications such as PDF workflow, file sharing, print spooling, FTP serving, Re:View Manager, and GVS DAM (asset management) run optimally on this server; with room to grow as your production needs/requirements grow.

The Metropolis 3500 can also be configured to allow up to 9 consecutive rendering engines for video post production and multimedia applications. Redundant Hot/Swap boot drive and power supply features are standard.

The 3500 can be equipped with up to 10TB’s of on-line NomadicVI Fiber RAID storage as well as a Nomadic series 40 tape (8TB) Altrium (LTO) Archival solution.

The Metropolis Advantage: GVS’ mid to high-end servers offer unique advantages to workgroups by accelerating their workflow, vastly increasing their productivity, greatly reducing their down-time, and enabling easier collaboration. GVS’ Metropolis solutions have all the benefits/availability of the SAN and NAS topologies but introduce and integrate new technologies which allow lower cost, more flexible upgrades and client additions (no need to spend $1,000.00 or more to add new workstations), and intuitive, secure system administration and management. Best of all, the Metropolis solution can integrate with your legacy systems; so you can continue to utilize your current investments.

CPU 4x2.5GHz, 64-bit
Cache 8MB
Memory 8GB DRAM
Internal Storage 2x73GB, 15,000rpm Fiber
Internal Disk DVD, 48x CD-ROM
Network 9 x 100/1000B-T Ethernet, 2 x 10Gigabit-T, 2 x 4GB Fiber Interface, TCP/IP, IPX, OSI
OS Sun Solaris 8
Featured Applications File Sharing, File Management, Volume Management, SAN, NAS, iSCSI
Client Support This configuration optimally supports 20+ (network) clients

Video Media Server, TV Media Server, HD Video Server, SAN Media Server

GVS Tracker DDM Softwae

GVS Data Asset Management (DAM)

GVS Re:View Manager

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