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Nomadic 6PB ™ Petabyte Storage Products have been designed to provide high performance, centralized data storage that is industrial, reliable, scalable, upgradeable, and affordable. The Nomadic 6PB Arrays come in 42U Rack configurations for total RAW disk space of 1,000TB making it an extremely cost effective, high speed and redundant configuration with storage, controllers, power, and switches all pre-configured and easy to access. Within a few hours you can have access to 1000TB of data with a variety of form factors available, suitable for any large number of applications and data requirements that you may have. Imagine having the ability to search through 1000TB of data in seconds - no matter what you are looking for, from documents, images, video, or audio. All data can be securely accessed from various groups within your organization. There is no need for enormous amounts of data warehousing. The cost effective maintenance and expansion programs can be simply managed, upgraded, controlled, with fixed drive configurations, to hardware controlled, Hot/Swap systems. NomadicVI RAIDs can accommodate complete full Fiber technologies; and can be purchased in stand-alone desk subsystems, SAN as well as NAS inside or rack-mounted form. Customized to meet your specific storage and security requirements, Nomadic's come in JBOD or fully redundant (fault tolerant) RAID solutions. For high level (mission critical) environments GVS has fully redundant Nomadic Cluster configurations and a full range of storage management tools, for application that requires extreme high I/O stats. You never need to shut down the system, even in event of firmware update, the Nomadic 6PB run 24/7, with Battery backup and ideal drive configuration were the media is not been assess they remain in ideal position to save power.

image Snapshot of Entire File System or Individual Segments image On-line Volume Migration with no System Down-time
image 20+ Global or Dedicated Hot Spare Media image Online Volume Expansions
image Auto Volume Rebuilding and Rollback Mechanism image On-line disk roaming
image Instant Volume Configuration Restoration or Elect for Later Time image Single or up to 20,000 Logical Volumes for Different Groups
image Complete Data cache Mirroring image Volume Shadow Copy Services's Support
image Advanced On-line Array roaming image Full intelligent Support for Enclosure Management
image Automated Cooling Designed with Environment Adjustments image Sensors Media, Controller, Enclosure, Cooling and Rack
image Full Visual Indication for all Devices image Access Control of Different Segments with OS Requirement
image Full Access Control of Different Segments of Storage Requirement image Multipath IO, Multiple Nodes and Target Support
image Status Reporting of all the Management Port and Activities image Simple Highly Secure Web, SSH, Serial Interface
image Notification via Email, SNMP, Browser, Syslog and MSM image Windows VSS compliant, Linux, Solaris, and OS X support

RAW Storage capacity of 6000TB (6PB) to 48,000TB with expansion port. No need for shutdown during data backup. Simply provide the additional space and power - we bring the media. In a very short time you are able to quadruple the size of your storage - up to 5PB total.

Interface 20x Fiber Channel Interface & 100GB•T (Gigabit) Interface
RAID Capacity 6,000TB - 48.0PB
Controller NomadicVI 5400 (Failover Redundant with live firmware update)
Cache Memory 40GB-160GB
Level-2 Cache 32GB - 128GB
Drive Capacity 24GB mechanisms SAS SSD NVME
Drive Support All 3.5inch models including SSD, NVMe, Mechnical rated mechanisms enterprize level
Hot Swap Drive 24GB-100GB
RAID Level Support Controller based 0, 1, 0+1,1+0, 4, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 51, 60, 61, 65 with mix and match RAID levels with any level per LUN
RAID Data Transfer Rate 2000Gbit/sec - 8000Gbit/sec access in concurrent mode
Major File System Support NTFS and StoreNext FS
OS Indpendent Support HFS+, UFS, ZFS, GVSF, and StoreNext FS Tested
Linux File System Support Ext3, XFS, JFS, ReiserFS, StoreNext FS
Cooling Unit and Power 40 Redundant and 60 Redundant
Adapter 40 optic-to-optic media interface adapter
Host Support Host Independent Direct SAN access GVSan, StorNext®, Xsan2, Solaris, Linux, UNIX, Win, OS X
Option Interface 16xGigibit w/ Metropolis3500 for NAS for NFS, IPX, and w/40Fiber Optic interface for SAN
Management Support SNMP, TCP/IP, IPX, Terminal, Remote (RMU) Option
Fibre Port 2x24Port Redundant with 10GBit Uplink Port
Gigabit Port 2x48Port Redundant with 100Gbit Uplink Port
iSCSI Port 16xiSCSI Port Redundant direct data access
Operating 5 to 80 degrees C
Nonoperation -40 to 90 degrees C
Max. Operating Temp. 20 degrees C per hour
Max. Operating Temp. 30 degrees C per hour
Max. Operating Shock 60Gs null 1.87msec
Max Power Consumption 70AMP at 6,000TB Storage configuration at peak state
Min Power Consumption 13AMP at 1,000TB Storage configuration at ideal state
Max. Acoustics Ideal 350 bets
Max. Acoustics Seek 500 bets
Rack Space 1x42U Rack Space Required for each PB storage, Management, SAN, NAS, and iSCSI interface
GVS Warranty Program Complete On-site or Parts and Labor Warranty on all Nomadic 6PB 24/7 systems.

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