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Nomadic SAN Management key features

The need for data access and stability in storage management is a key user requirement, one that determines which storage system will be best suited for your organization. GVS has developed strong feature rich software and hardware management tools to address this specific functionality.

Industry Standard Fault Management:

Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART)of drive statistics:

  • Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosures (SAF-TE)
  • Enclosure Services (SES) support

Client Features:

  • Monitor and manage virtually unlimited numbers of server and disk array groups

Nomadic Fiber SAN/NAS Reporting tools via SMART support for industry standard drive health reporting SES and SAF-TE support for predictive drive failure reporting for:

  • All Nomadic Fiber Drive
  • Nomadic Redundant fan
  • Nomadic RAID Redundant power supply
  • Condition monitoring

GVS also have added features and management tools providing simple and reliable data sharing in an enterprise-level SAN environment.

Multiple Metropolis and other servers have access to Nomadic SAN-based data through a single, consistent data image.

Sophisticated failover and clustering logic allows load balancing between Metropolis and other servers that reduces recovery time to provide higher availability for mission-critical applications.

Online bad block table to maintain record of Nomadic devices' bad sectors so read-write errors may be reduced or prevented.

Centralized Nomadic storage for many computers. Heterogeneous Cross-platform storage and data file sharing between many computers running many different operating systems. The use of a single file system for all centralized storage regardless of the operating system mix on client computers.

The use of as few as just one LUN for all centralized storage regardless of the number of client computers.

High storage reliability through hardware and/or software Nomadic RAID techniques High Metropolis server reliability through file server clustering and fail-over Easy Nomadic storage allocation through normal networking permissions Standard network data security methods.

  • Along with all the benefits of SAN
  • GVS Metropolis Higher data bandwidths than LAN connections
  • Easily scalable bandwidths to extremely high levels
  • hundreds or thousands of Megabytes/second to each computer
  • Extremely low CPU utilization for high bandwidths
  • Removal of data traffic from the LAN
  • Use of familiar and industry standard file systems to format storage
Manages Nomadic SAN RAID controller families:
  • Configure, monitor, and maintain Nomadic storage systems from anywhere in the world
  • RAID configuration wizard for ease and automation in disk array setup
  • G.O.R.E. (GVS Online RAID Expansion) for increasing storage online
  • Add unconfigured disks to an existing drive group under RAID tools
  • Statistical view for real-time analysis of storage system operation to minimize bottlenecks
  • TCP/IP connectivity support
  • SNMP-aware design
  • DMI Agent for compatibility with popular network management suites


  • Pager
  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • Application launch Log in security integrated settings.

Nomadic VIOperating System Support for Servers:

  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 2000
  • NetWare 4.x and 5.x
  • SCO OpenServer 5.x /
  • UnixWare 7.x
  • Solaris 7 (x86)
  • Linux

Nomadic VI Operating Support for Client:

  • Windows
  • Unix
  • MAC OS X

These are just a few clear benefit's of investing with GVS Nomadic and Metropolis product line. Rest assured that your investment is with a rock solid company that is here to service your organization into the next millennium.

Custom Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions:

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