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Ideal for high speed video, graphics and audio file sharing, and serving SAN, the entry level Metropolis1200 integrates well into small post production and design workgroups. The Metropolis 1200 easily supports up to 9 x 100/1000 Ethernet and 10 SAN fibre channel (network) users and with GVSAN and GVSAN Pro for read/write’ own MCR (Multi-CPU Routing) technologies, 5 direct 4GB Fiber Channel connections can be established to allow users greater data throughput. The Metropolis 1200 can be equipped with up to 1.2GB’s of on-line data accesse Nomadic RAID storage as well as a Nomadic series single tape LTO4 Archival solution.

CPU 2x3.062GHz , 64-bit
Cache 4MB L2 Cache
Memory 16GB DRAM
Internal Storage 4x400GB SAS
Internal Disk BlueRay DVD/ CD-ROM
Network 4-8x10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
OS Windoes, Solaris, Unix, OS X
Featured Applications FileSharing, NFS, SAN Fiber Channel GVSAN and GVSAN Pro for Windows, OS X and Lunix
Client Support This configuration optimally supports 20 SAN and NAS (network) clients

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Metropolis 1200 NAS SAN RAID Server Storage For Video and Graphics User Manager

GVS Tracker DDM Softwae

GVS Data Asset Management (DAM)

GVS Re:View Manager

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