Grande Vitesse Systems

Metropolis Server Storage Workstations VTR

GVS RMU Provide complete management of Metropolis, M2S2, Nomadic and LTO Backup system not only true web interface also true a very secure dial-up encase of firewall or network down, will have access to the system to perform the diagnostic as well as all the necessary firmware updates that each module may require over time. Features:
  • Three plug-in module slots
  • Expandable to eight serial I/O ports
  • Menu device selection
  • Password protection
  • Dial-back security
  • Data rate conversion
  • Versions with internal power supply
RMU Series controllers, interfaced with Host/Control/Remote Switch Modules, provide a cost-effective data switch designed for local and remote management. The entire line of RMU-Series data switches provide an excellent solution to your server and storage product for out-of-band management.


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