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B2B Partners Program

This program is exclusively for GVS's key B2B partners, as evidenced by market demand for joint solutions, from GVS and a Solution Partner, that require a robust test plan executed in GVS's industry-leading Integration Lab in San Francisco and Burbank CA,. B2B Partner goes beyond basic connectivity by emulating, as closely as possible, real world environments that can benefit from 9000VTR, Nomadic storage technologys. Additionally, more detailed testing involves a higher level of fault injection and data integrity checking to insure the products would offer a industry's most robust, highest performing solutions. , plus:

  • Testing and validation in GVS's Integration Lab
  • High-availability test plan to GVS partners
  • Partners Support of delivering End-to-end Solutions to the client

9000 VTR/DDR

GVS has developed innovative VTR/DDR solutions that eliminate the bottleneck of uncompressed HD tape less work-flow production workflow's, allowing for greater creative collaboration and increased productivity. HD SDI VTR's that will suit the most demanding digital professional. Our VTR/DDR contain a wide array of options for the most demanding camera manfactures that offer high end RAW file support, visit VTR/DDR

Metropolis Media Server

Metropolis Media Storage (MMS): GVS has a full line of managed storage from entry level to enterprise level. Each Metropolis is custom engineered to meet or exceed our partners specific requirements. With Metropolis at the center of production workflow the media exchange from capture to edit becomes one stap simpler. GVS Metropolis Managed Storage Solutions are one of the R.O.I. industry leaders., visit Metropolis.

Nomadic Storage SAN/NAS

The need for data access and stability in the video market place is unlike that of any other industry, simply because of the file sizes RAW video and streaming of data that need to be shared among multiple users on different platforms as well as the bandwidth requirements, that is why GVS have developed the Nomadic Storage line that delivers highes for RAW ingust to edit and playback.

Media Archive Solution

An Media Archival Solution from GVS delivers reliable backup for your valuable digital assets. Entry level solutions, for small to moderate backup requirements, as well as enterprise level systems for large 7X24/mission critical environments can be configured and integrated to meet your current needs and scaled for future growth. Custom software and cutting edge (high capacity) hard disk jukeboxes are combined, even automated, for trouble free, secure data archival. visit Media Archive


High Speed Networks with Multi CPU Routing (MCR): GVS has been specializing in high speed networks since 1989. Though our networking solutions are as unique and specialized as our partners and their clients needs, visit Networking


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