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Metropolis Server Storage CTR VTR

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GVS is proud to present our broad portfolio of SFP+ products. Our product line up covers Ultra Short Reach, Short Reach, Long Reach, and Extended Reach for 10GbE products as well as Short Wave and Long Wave for our 8G product. With low power consumption, a wide temperature range, and robust EMI performance, our SFP+ modules help our customers reduce operating cost as well as help them meet industry standards with a broad portfolio of products.

10 Gbit/s data rates
Laser Class 1
SFP Compliant
Very low power consumption (<1W)
Management: Digital Optical Monitoring
10G Serial Electrical I/F (SFI)
Superior high temperature performance
Data Rate 10.3125 (Gb/s)
Wavelength 850 (nm)
Output Power >-4.3 (dBm) This value is in Optical Modulation Amplitude (OMA)
Extinction Ratio >3 (dB)
Receiver Sensitivity 7.5 (dBm) Stressed Sensitivity value is in OMA
Operating Temp 5 to 85(C)
Power Supply 3.3 (V)
Power Consumption Max (W)
Reach 100m this solution applies to hgi badwidth 50μm multimode fibre with a minimum modal bandwidth of 2000MHz . Km in addition option 10G option avalible for 220m, 300m, 10km (This solution applies to FDDI grade 62.5μm multimode fiber with a worst case modal bandwidth-distance product of 500MHz km)and 40km
Module Dimensions 56.5L x 13.9W x 11.85H (mm) 2.22L x 0.55W x 0.47H (") .

10GB Custom Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions:

Metropolis 3400G