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Media Server Nomadic1U 12xPro FlyPack VTR

GVS Broadcast Automation Software Solution
The GVS Broadcast Automation Software Solution (BASS) can be used as a standalone software on a wide variety of the 9000 VTR products, but is specifically suited as a complete end-to-end solution bundled with the GVS90004NXU, GVS90002XU 422 VTR, GVS90004XU, and GVS90001XU Pro. Integrate these fully tested products with your favorite QuickTime, DPX, AVI, MOV, JPEG compatible editing system and you can direct your play list to BASS, allowing you to control multiple event lists (program streams), easily create and manipulate play lists and playback QuickTime native media files in a live broadcast environment; and without the need to render the entire project, you will be able to broadcast instantaneously.

BASS's basic function is to build play lists and organize and initiate the news, sports and other live events associated with each play list. A sequence of events can be built that can be controlled by the 9000 Controller, GPI closure, VDCP, time, or event duration.
Broadcast Automation Software
GVS BASS STATION Events or groups of events can be easily and quickly moved by simply selecting the events you want to move and cutting and pasting them. Up to 20 additional event types will be added to the "Events" menu when GVS BASS solution is configured for use with 9000VTR HD SDI equipment or the SD with audio. Each device that is configured adds an additional item to the "Events" menu.

Because it's hardware dependent and compatible, as new codecs become available you're able to seamlessly adopt and deliver better quality without product obsolescence. Media codec converter hardware is developed to support multiple codecs for any number of applications, from RAW uncompressed to H.264. It's easily integrated into the BASS. Currently bundled with GVS90004NXU, GVS90002XU VTR, GVS90004XU, and GVS90001XU Pro it will support DV, DVCPro 50, DVCPro100, ProRes, ProRes HQ, ProRes LS, ProRes 4444, Avid DNxHD, H.264, IMX, MPEG-4, RED, XDCam, IMA, IMX, RAW, SD, HD and SMTPE 259/292/296/424/.

Part Number
Model Number
Interface Standard
Format Supported
BASS109SA-00 Stand Alone
Analog YUV, YCbCr
BASS109B1-IU 1U-IS Bundle GPI-1 Serial to GPI, Analog Y/C, Digital SD-SDI HD-SDI, HD 4:2:2, and Analog SD/HD
H.264, MPEG2-4 DV, DVCPro 50/100, ProRes, , HDTV, , SD/HD SMTPE 259 292 296 424
BASS109B2-2X 2XU-RES Bundle
9000 2XU VTR
GPI, RS422, TCP/IP, Digital SD-SDI HD-SDI, HD 4:2:2, and Analog SD/HD
DV, DVCPro 50, HD SD and HDTV,
BASS109B4-2N 2XU Bundle GPI, VDCP, TCP/IP, HDMI 36bits, Digital SD-SDI SMPTE 259M, HD-SDI SMPTE 292/296, HD 4:2:2 and Analog SD/HD SMPTE/EBU N10, Betacam 525J YPbPr, RGB 12-bit 24-bit Audio 48Khz
H.264, MPEG2-4 DV, DVCPro 50/100, ProRes, AVID DNxHD, HDTV, RED, RAW, SD/HD SMTPE 259/292/296/424
BASS109B8-4V 4NXUVTR Bundle
9000 4NXU
GPI, Serial Digital SD-SDI SMPTE 259M, HD-SDI SMPTE 292/296, HD 4:4:4 and Analog SD/HD
DV, DVCPro50 DVCPro HD, ProRes, RAW, SMTPE 259 292 296

GVS9000 VTR Capture Tools:

- Saves hours of transfer time between capture units and Audio/Video Post.
- Eliminates tape transfers using real-time technology without rendering video effects to disk.
- Saves 2 HOURS of transfer time per hour of material, allowing audio/video post to immediately start working against new cut, while video is being captured.
- Start editing in Final Cut Pro, Avid, or other editing applications while the same material is being captured.
- 9000VTR Capture can perform very long captures without stopping, while you can review, log or edit the incoming video and audio.
- For larger installations, the 9000VTR Capture offers a multi-channel networked remote control panel, which connects up to 15 GVS Capture ingest channels from a single remote computer desktop. Multiple GVS Control stations can be added for larger ingest facilities.

- Instantly playback a large number of media files Quicktime, DPX, JPEG, MXF and IMX Material
- Multi 9000VTR Synchronization
- Easy integration with other time-code synced show control gear (VDCP support)
- Wide choice of Video Output formats
- Multi machine lock immediately after pressing play, no slowing period
- Audio and video sync tools
- Easy prototyping, no need to press DVDs or transfer to tape
Pairs of 9000VTR units can also be linked in a 'buddy' configuration for redundancy, where the second system automatically chases the first, frame accurately, and in the event of failure of the primary system, the backup system will already be playing back the program in sync, ready for the director (or fail-over monitor) to switch to the backup.
9000VTR can also be used for basic sub-clip logging, using a highly responsive GVS Control jog shuttle controllers.

9000VTR, is able to playback a wide variety of different movie formats, even at 23.98/24FPS and HD. With appropriate 9000VTR, a single 9000VTR unit can *NATIVELY* play back almost every QuickTime video format currently available, plus MPEG2 and MPEG4, DV, QT-Wrapped Avid, Meridien OMF picture at NTSC, PAL and Film speeds, all without the need to convert or transcode the video.
This unique capability sets 9000VTR aside from all other DDRs at any price, which generally use proprietary file formats. File format compatibility, superb video performance, flexible integration and easy networking of video and audio makes 9000VTR the obvious choice for modern mix stage and video infrastructure.

Finally, Multiple sources of QuickTime material can be played back in sync, without transferring to another medium, like DVD or Tape. 9000VTR configuration is extremely flexible, supporting almost any setup you may ever need, sync to external TC, generate timecode, manual control with jog shuttle wheel, even run 9000VTR units off a multi-machine 9-pin synchronizer. Each 9000VTR can also play back 2 channels of sound in sync.

With its strong networking, and QuickTime compatibility, 9000VTR breaks new ground for rapid turnaround shows. Support for a variety of 9000VTR models allows a scalable solution, from offline capture using inexpensive DV codecs, through to Uncompressed HD for instant on-line editing. 9000VTR units can be easily ganged together for multi-camera environments, and automatic file naming and embedding of identification metadata makes life even easier for video editors. Timestamped QuickTime movies recorded with 9000VTR spot right into place in Final Cut Pro and other video editing systems, and can also be simply imported into Avid edit systems - no capture from video tape required.

Besides the benefits of timestamped recording, 9000VTR offers much more to the TV production industry. As a 9-pin controllable playback system, you can just as easily playback your recorded files under 9-pin control, or by chasing timecode for multi- machine synchronized playback.

Similarly, 9000VTR can help bridge the technology divide between heavy duty broadcast infrastructure such as on-air video servers, and desktop production tools. By presenting Quicktime movies created in your video graphics department as a 9-pin controllable video deck, on air loading systems can upload material straight from 9000VTR, just as if it were a digi-beta. Using this technique saves time, and money, since no transfers to tape are required, and no physical delivery from department to department. The Video graphics artist no longer needs to have an expensive tape deck machine, and avoiding the tape transfer stage even improves quality slightly in the bargain.

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