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GVS9000 4XU ruggedized editing system

Running on the most powerful 64-Bit OS, 64-Bit machine in the industry, Mac OS X and Linux, GVS9000 4XU Quad-core offers users the utmost in expansion capability. The 4XU delivers outstanding performance for demanding applications where stability and speed are crucial elements in industries such as Aerospace, Audio/Video HD editing, Biotechnology, Communications, Defense, Education, Manufacturing, Medical Imaging, Mobile equipment, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, TV Station, Visualization and many others. The GVS9000 4XU comes with internal 3TB storage capacity capable of reaching speeds of 300MB/sec. It has a rugged 64-bit application code, complete 4U 19” deep rack space, and rugged design giving you a single product for in-office or on-the-road production.

real-time edit 2560 by 1600 pixels



System includes:
• Quad-core Processors
• 4 PCI-e 16x, 4x, 8x, 4x slots
• 6x1,00GB SATAII or 300GB 4GB Fibre Drive.
• Dual Fibre card
• 6x1000GB SATA/SAS 7200/10,000 RPM drives
• 4GB Fiber channel drive interfaces
• 6 removable drive bay
• 4x4GB Fiber Drive or U320
PCI-e H/W RAID 0, 1, and 5
• Dual Quadro FX 4500 1.5GB SDRAM
• Single power supplies
• Up to 16GB 8 DIMM sockets
• Dual Gigabit Interface
• Dual layer DVD/RW-CD/RW drive
• Firewire 800, 2xFirewire 400 (1xon front)
3xUSB2 (1xon front)

  4XU Rugged Editing System
The 4XU , with 6 internal drive bays, all in a 4U RACK less than 19” deep, offers a processor speed of Dual Quad-core, up to 76.6GBps, and 16,000KB of dedicated L2 cache memory per processor, four full-length 16X PCI-e slots, and 8GB of DDR ECC SDRAM which can be upgraded to 16GB. Additional options include: 6x1000GB SATAII drives up to 72000RPM or 300GB SAS drive up to 10,000RPM, with less than 3.6ms seek time con­fig­ured, dual Gigabit Ethernet up to 2, 4, up to 8xDVI and VGA display interface, with Linux or OS X operating systems.

The GVS9000 4XU models are designed to be ideal on the road, containing everything you need in a portable, rugged designed 19” deep rack or a tower configuration with the lowest noise level in its class of family.

The 4XU models include RAM support of 16GB, internal storage up to 3TB with optional 15,000 RPM drives running at speeds of 300MB/sec, making it ideal for mobile vehicle and Live Event recording, as well as for 3D Design, Animation and Visualization applications. The unique feature of the GVS9000 4XU is the internal 4Gbit Fiber Storage option that allows you to instantaneously share your content. With the 4XU, you have your project available to everyone on the SAN Fiber network,

Part Number
L2 Cache
Optical Drive
Graphics Card
Total Storage
Gigabit Interface
G4U25040160-003 3000GB at 300MB/sec
4XCPU 2.5GHz
8GB max 16GB 1000KB 8xDVD/R Quadro FX 4500 512MB 6x500GB SATAII
Part Number
Drive Cache
Numbrt Drive
Drive Model
Number Display
G04U-12A2P2F-24 3TB
2xFiber 16MB 6 SATAII/SAS/4GB Fiber 2-4
0, 1, and 5
Part Number
Drive Interface
Numbrt Fibre
SFP Optical
PCI-e Fiber Dual Fibre
PCI-e 2x Fibre 2 Ports Fibre Channel PCI-e Optional

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