Nomadic SAN Network Attached Storage NAS Redudent Vitualization Replication Secure Enterpise with Content Mangment 10GB 4/8GB Fibre 100GB In Works

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The need for data access and stability in the Airline, Military, Medical, TV and HD to 4K Move production market is unlike that of any other industry, simply because of the file sizes and shared data among multiple users on different platforms as well as the data access request per machine in access of 5.2GBit/sec-8.2TBit/sec, that is why GVS have developed the Nomadic RAID Systems with GVSan and GVSan Pro . Which are designed to provide high performance, centralized data storage that is reliable, scalable, and affordable. The Nomadic RAID Arrays come in a variety of form factors with 4/8GB controllers, and Hot-swap systems. Nomadic RAIDs can accommodate dual 4GB Fiber, 10Gigabit network and iSCSI technologies; its customized to meet your specific storage for SAN, NAS and iSCSI application. Fully redundant (fault tolerant) RAID controllers for high level (mission critical) environments with ease of management tools to support Windows, Solaris, Linux and OS X with following options:
N4880 Controller offer the following options:
- FlashCopy, which enables point-in-time copies of logical volumes that may be used for file restoration, backups, application testing or data mining.
- Dynamic Volume Expansion, which allows administrators to resize logical volumes without disrupting users.
- Volume Copy, which provides full replication of one logical volume (source) to another (target) within the N4880 controller.
- Enhanced Remote Mirror, which consists of Global Mirror with Asynchronous Write-order Consistency, which is critical for mirroring multi-LUN applications, Global Copy with Asynchronous and Metro Mirror with Synchronous.




Custom Storage Solutions:
The NomadicVI RAID Array increases data availability and overall systems throughput. Nomadic RAID storage offers the highest data transfer rates coupled with the latest failsafe/redundancy features for added data security. Together with the Metropolis Server and Gigabit network architecture clients can access files stored on the Fiber network and Gigabit RAID at rates of up to 900MB/sec.
Nomadic RAID Technology can be striped in several levels to gain optimum performance according to your file types, sizes and data security needs.
Nomadic Hardware RAID Controllers are superior to software or other hardware RAID controllers because they are independent of the host, have a large dedicated internal cache, and come with a host of redundancy (security) features.


High Performance Hot/Swap Removable Controllers & Drives. Production will not come to a halt just because a controller or hard drive fails. Nomadic devices can be removed and replaced easily; without having to shut down the server or RAID.
Sophisticated Sensors and Alarms will alert you (or your administrator) to power, temperature, and hardware problems, should they arise, to prevent serious system damage or failures.
Multiple Host and drive support provides maximum flexibility and salability.


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