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GVS9000 2U HD SDI DDR Playback/Recorder
GVS9000 2U DDR
The GVS9000 2U DDR is a cost effective, easily integrated solution for bringing real-time SD to HD to any broadcasting environment, the GVS9000 2U DDR performs accurate live capture, playback and remote management. Without altering the original feed, multiple users can simultaneously preview ingest channels while recording is in progress, with time-code TC, LCT, RS422 9-pin machine controller and Ginlock support. Its superior resolution HD video projecter, large LCD and plasma displays, that feature high resolution HD.
2U rack mountable DDR:
48 hr's playback
Available options include:
- Ingest or Playback
- Sequenced multiple units and chase HD and SD video playback
- Advanced Scheduling
- Integrated Video Media Browser
- Supported Formats (ingest and playback)
- SD HD, (ingest and playback)
- Analog Audio/Video Input/Output
- Digital SDI Video AES/EBU Audio Input/Output
- VDCP Automation Control (optional)
- Remote Network Control
- Supports any uncompressed SD or HD format
- Captures and plays back uncompressed 10-bit and 8-bit digital video and 24-bit - 8kHz digital audio in standard definition (SMPTE 259M), high definition (SMPTE292M)
- Supports Dual SDI out 1,280Mbit/sec record and playback HD SDI
- Supports full bandwidth 10-bits (12-bit capable) for 1080i, and 720p formats.
- Converts between 4:2:2 formats to DVCPro HD embedded hardware acceleration HDV and DVCPro.

GVS Bass

  highest quality, reliability, cost-effective with most feature reach digital recorder and playback

The GVS9000 2U DDR is a rugged, low profile rack-mountable system occupying less than 19" deep rack space. Its innovative, completely rugged system, designed with open architecture and extremely low power consumption, provides you the ability to operate the system and access data even while in transit.

Users can quickly capture clips of any length and size in either manual, scheduled or remote mode. At only 1.75" high, several 2U DDR stations can be stacked in a compact area offering 16 concurrent recording options, on any format of storage Gigabit, Firewire800/400, and Fiber.

For online storage, the GVS9000 2U DDR is designed to work with the latest GVSAN and other SAN technology. Connect via 2-4GB fiber channel to the Nomadic2U-4U or 3rd part fiber channel storage and GVS9000 2U DDR running GVSBASS (broadcast automation software solution) and you have a complete solution for digital DDR, video assist, ingest, and broadcast play-to-air at very low cost.
GVS9000 2U DDR Video Assist Solution
GVS offers one of the most powerful Video Assist products with in-the-field recording capability, simple integration with your 4:2:2 digital and Film Camera, directed film recording, and the ability to capture multiple cameras in real-time with a simple record button both on the set or remotely. Capture with accurate time code, and overlay options, with waste editing capability and removable media that can be easily transported from seat to edit/preview stations, in different formats from Uncompressed HD, SD, DVCPro HD, MPEG, JPEG2000, Winodow Media, ProRes down to H.264 .

The system is designed with utmost security and reliability, allowing your master to remain on set while you transport an identical copy to the edit/preview station. This can be from within a few feet to across the world, without the necessity of an expensive docking station, but rather through industry-standard communication port SATA, Firewire, and Gigabit.

Part Number
Model Number
Video Interface
Number Drive
SAN Interface
HD Interface
Firewire IEEE
Power Supply
HD/SDI Interface
GM2U2P502DB02 GVS90002U-DDR DVI/VGA 2x1000Gb two N/C SD/SDI Analog 800/400 1


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