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GVS has developed innovative solutions that eliminate the bottleneck of your design, 2D/3D animation, mapping, rendering and production, allowing for greater creative collaboration and increased productivity.
GVS introduces a line of high performance workstations (up to 48-Core or 64-Core in 4U rack space) that will suit the most demanding digital professional. Our rugged workstations are designed for wide array of applications.
Unlike commercial workstation, GVS9000 is able to meet the true needs of the rugged rack system in marketplace by offering a superior level of support demanded by Aerospace, Audio/Video, Biotechnology, Communications, Defense, Education, Manufacturing, Medical Imaging, Mobile equipment, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Broadcast (Sports, Live Events and 2K, 4KHD recording) requirement. This includes revision control, product life cycle management, custom operating system, engineering support and high quality design and manufacturing. The combined benefits of custom manufacturing with low cost of ownership.

GVS90002U Win   GVS9000 1U PowerPC PPC970 18" deep
GVS90002U   GVS9000 1U 24-Core Xeon or Opteron 17"-24" Deep
GVS90004U   GVS9000 2U PowerPC G5 PPC970 18" GVS90004U Win   GVS9000 2U 16-24 Core Xeon or Opteron
GVS9000 Blad   GVS9000 4U 16xCPU Xeon
GVS90001U   GVS9000 4U 48xCPU Opteron or Xeon
GVS9000 Blad   GVS9000 4U 64xCPU
GVS9000 Tower   GVS9000 BLADE AMD/Intel/PowerPC
GVS90001U Win   GVS9000 Tower

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